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What are the pros and cons of an EV Motorcycle (According to ChatGPT)

Jan 16 2023

What happens when you ask AI tool ChatGPT to create a blog article for you? Well, judge for yourself…   Electric-powered motorcycles…

2035 petrol and diesel ban is one thing, but what about the race to renewable electricity?

Feb 17 2020

Last year I bought an electric vehicle, or a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) if we’re adopting the abbreviations that dominate the automotive…

Will motorcycles go electric?

Jan 03 2020

Is it inevitable that motorcycles will go electric? In the UK, interest in electric cars has grown strongly over the last four…

Nissan – Electric Taxi

Dec 29 2019

Car Gurus – EV Pricing

Nov 02 2019

In order to ensure that CarGurus remains front-of-mind for automotive media and consumers alike, Performance Communications operates a steady stream of baseline…

Five Key Takeaways from Fully Charged Live

Jun 11 2019

So I spent the weekend at Fully Charged Live – and it’s safe to say, I’m feeling more charged than a Duracell…

Renault starts the electric revolution in the Middle East

Oct 28 2017

October saw the Middle East launch of the new all-electric Renault ZOE Long Range model – the first major event for Performance…

Nissan – Glow In The Dark Leaf

Apr 20 2016

The Challenge As new manufacturers entered the electric vehicle arena, we were tasked with increasing Nissan’s share of voice among target media…

What does recent Samsung patent say for Electric Vehicles?

Jan 22 2014

Samsung Group has filed for a patent for electric vehicle technology. The patent covers technology and parts that can be used in…

Nissan’s Half LEAF Demonstrates Leading Zero Emission Technology

Jul 11 2013

The Zero Emission car was then launched at a European automotive media event in Oslo, securing extensive pan-European coverage for the world’s…