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SKODA Cycling – InternationElles

Oct 08 2020

Five Keys to the Realisation of Cycling’s Brave New Dawn

May 18 2020

Like many, I am genuinely excited that the growth of UK cycling could be one of the few silver linings of the…

Skoda – Cycling Academy

Sep 29 2019

Skoda – Karoq Velo Cycling Concept

Jun 17 2019

Emotional ride galvanises team and gets Performance in the saddle for 2018

Jan 12 2018

In the last week, the Performance office has been awash with sweat, shower gel and the whiff of competition. Between Monday January…

Cannondale has replaced a spoke, but Pro Cycling’s bike is still broken

Sep 12 2017

It is fantastic news that Cannondale has a new sponsor for 2018 in the shape of Education First, but the fact that…

Auto Industry Gets On Its Bike for 2016 Paris Motor Show

Jun 09 2016

Lycra-wearing members of the automotive industry have been presented with a fresh training target with the introduction of a new annual charity…

The Women’s Tour de Yorkshire

Mar 31 2016

Once again the subject of women in sport is all over the news. However although this piece looks at equality, it’s not…

Dangerous, disrespectful and disruptive… Great – let’s do it

Mar 17 2016

Every time I hear John Francome voice his opinion of the Victoria Pendleton ‘Switching Saddles’ project – such is the strength of…

Maserati – Cycling

Feb 03 2016