Twitter take it up a notch…

September 27, 2017
Silvia Mendes

2017, the year of the new iPhone, Animoji’s, Instagram’s ‘Paid Partnership’ tag and now, Twitter are trialling a 280 character limit.

Twitter’s current limit is 140 (I mean, I’d be worried if you didn’t know that) but they have decided to double the characters so that we no longer feel “restrained” when trying to “cram all our thoughts into one tweet”.

Twitter hopes that the function will widen its appeal and attract new users but, I’m yet to be convinced.

In a world of noise, one appeal of Twitter  was that content was bite-size, easy to manage and quick to consume.

Brands like Nike, Innocent Drinks and Skittles thrive on their short tweets – it’s easy to digest content.

Who wants to read an essay on the commute home?

With the rise of video content, I’m surprised Twitter has increased the word count but not added in an edit button.

Give us an edit button and leave the 140-character limit be!



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