The Tale of Two Princes

March 15, 2019
Andy Murphy

Picture this: a luxury car brand approaches you about creating a campaign… The team has listened to their head of digital bang on relentlessly about understanding the audience before creating a campaign and have got their audience profile sorted.

The client wants to reach wealthy British men aged 65-75 who like sports cars, dogs, and enjoy holidaying in the Alps. A robust profile you’d think? Pretty narrow. Well as the picture may have given away, thats the demographic profile of two polar opposite princes – Osbourne and Charles.

A campaign that appeals to the Prince of Darkness, isn’t likely to appeal to the king in waiting. For instance one will probably place a higher value on airbags and crash testing, a hard learned lesson from his dad, the other on a great stereo. So knowing attitudes to car safety or entertainment systems would be a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Demographic profiles are a good start, but keep asking questions. Use the tools like Facebook Audience profile, and Answer The Public give you insights into an audience’s mindset. What more sets your actual target audience apart? We use TGI here at Performance to look deeper and can see things like what TV shows do they watch? How do their attitudes differ when it comes to the environment, self-confidence, print media? We have a wealth of incredibly powerful tools that can help our teams build better pictures of the people you are trying to convince.

The more you know about how your audience thinks, the better the conversations you can have with them. And better conversations lead to better results.


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