A Transatlantic Rivalry

February 17, 2014
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It is apparent that a transatlantic rivalry exists between the UK and its former colony, the United States, which manifests itself in a plethora of ways.

Citizens of both nations feel the need to argue about everything from the nuances of their shared language, dollar bills v pound coins, foreign policy issues, and even what real beer should taste like.

So, what is the best way to settle a rivalry? The answer is simple: Sport.

America and the United Kingdom are two nations separated by a common word: Football.

England had the chance to go one up on their American cousins in 2010 when they opened their World Cup campaign in South Africa. The English pundits and journalists all agreed that, “We simply have to beat the Americans.” For bragging rights, for the sake of pride and for the sanctity of the English national game; England was compelled to defeat the upstart Americans.

Rob Green 1Honestly though, the Americans are exactly that – upstarts. They are newcomers to the beautiful game on the world stage. However, as the match unfolded, as Rob Green let that ball roll into the back of his own net, and as the match ended in a 1:1 draw; the Americans laid claim to the English game of football.

I am sure that some avid England supporters would relish the chance for a second bout with the Yanks. The opportunity to eliminate them from the world cup this summer would more than make up for Rob Green’s blunder.

There is another way though. Perhaps it is time to fuel the fire that is the transatlantic rivalry. Maybe, just maybe, the English should take the fight to the shores of the colonies. What if we laid claim to their version of ‘football’?

Since 2007 the American football fan base in Great Britain has completely sold out Wembley Stadium eleven times with three more highly anticipated fixtures in 2014 yet to come. This demonstrates how much of a demand there is for American football in the UK.

What if the Empire strikes back at Team America World Police?
What if a new NFL franchise was conceived and based in London?
What if a British American football team beat the Americans at their own game?

It is time to petition the National Football League to create a new American football franchise in London.

Wherever the stadium would potentially be based, it would no doubt be a fortress of noise during a defensive stand. The well-known English passion for sport would breach the bubble that only Americans can currently participate in.

The support is here, the momentum is more than snowballing, and London has too many sports stadia to choose from – The most appealing one is Upton Park, which was Rob Green’s home for 6+ years.

Justice would indeed be served if the former ground of ‘He-Who-Let-His-Country-Down’ paid the ultimate price by sacrificing itself to the alien sport of American Football.

Tourism would skyrocket as there would be yet another (sigh) reason for Americans to visit the great metropolis of London.

Commissioner Goodell: Please let us right Rob Green’s wrong and beat you at your own game, on your own turf, sixteen times (or more) a season.

Stephen Ellis


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